We were honored to have our outfits featured in a Palm Tree's & Power Lines newest music video, can't even featured by Alternative Press! Check out the article below.

Florida pop punks Palm Trees & Power Lines debut catchy new track, “Can’t Even” --

Florida pop-punkers Palm Trees & Power Lines are debuting the music video for their new track “Can’t Even.” 

They rock out in the video about what it’s like to see “the perfect girl,” while the video itself shows the band attempting to win over the hearts of two beautiful women. 

"When we wrote ‘Can't Even,’ we wanted to make a song that was fun and playful lyrically. You see this girl and you're seriously just blown away by everything about her,” says vocalist and guitarist Josh Cravey. “I think the video really captured that theme. We always try to add some humor to our videos too, which makes the filming process pretty fun. For this video, we decided on doing a love story but with a twist at the end. I think fans and newcomers will enjoy the video and the song!"

PTPL are busy working on new music for their next album. Listen to their EP Animalistic on Spotify here, and follow them on Twitter @PTPLBAND.




I've already heard the Can't Even track. Palm Tress and Power Lines did their job well by making me amazed by their songs. I always love pop punk music genres. I love their pop-punk covers of some Disney songs like A Whole New World and Go The Distance. Is their new album is now available here in Florida? If yes, where can I buy it?

05/15/2017 4:00am

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04/10/2017 7:46am

It's amazing seeing how far you guys have come since I discovered PTPL back in 2014. You guys are definitely on the right track.

05/09/2017 2:50am

I hope they will find cool producer or sponsor. They are very talented guys!

05/17/2017 12:05am

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