Posted by Sadiqa Mokbel on on Jan 2nd 2019

Sometimes New Year's Resolutions are setting you up for failure by February. We came up with 4 simple resolutions you can easily stick by and set yourself up for success this new year.

1. Do one thing at a time

People don’t know this but multi-tasking has actually been proven to be bad for your health. I know it may seem like you have to do your homework while making dinner and feed your dog all at the same time but multi-tasking can create anxiety and make you feel like you’re only doing a little bit of each task before completing it.

2. Sanitize your phone weekly

Phones carry more than 10 times as much germs as a toilet seat and those germs are getting all over the side of your face. Cleaning your phone can be good for acne too. All that bacteria on your face can’t be a good thing. Ew.

3. Start volunteering

There’s research that when we do good for other people then we feel better ourselves. Volunteering on a regular base has even been linked to less stress. So consider volunteering at your local Humane Society or food bank with some friends this year.

4. Find new hobbies!

New Year, new hobbies. Find some new fun and interesting hobbies to get involved in like maybe try out that cool new dance class that your college offers or get involved in a musical theatre club at your high school. Try something new because you never know how much you could enjoy it.