Hey y’all it’s that time of year again. Back to school for fall semester. Only this year is a bit different. If you haven’t heard...Covid-19 ruined all of our Spring Break and Summer plans, but have no fear we have something for you to look forward to. Fall Fashion Trends! Whether you’re heading to a classroom or sitting pretty at home over a zoom call, check out our favorite fashion trends for Fall 2020.


Ruffles are back and better than ever. Remember when your mom made you wear frilly ruffle tops and those horrid ruffle trim socks?’s not like that. Picture ruffle strap tanks, lettuce edge mini dresses, and layered ruffle pants.


It’s not quite chilly outside right now but give it some time and you’ll want a simple cardigan to wrap up in pretty soon. Not to mention those stuffy classrooms and libraries are always freezing cold. Cardigans are so versatile for any outfit. You can wear them with a crop top and skirt for a dressy look, or keep it casual with some loungewear like cotton track shorts and a basic tee. On the plus side you can add one to your outfit to make it dress code friendly!

Retro Colors & Patterns:

It’s no secret that styles always come back around. We’ve been loving the ‘70’s and ‘80’s trends that have been making a comeback. Some obvious ways to incorporate a vintage feel to your wardrobe are earth tones. We’re seeing lots of warm hues (rich oranges, chartreuse yellows, and caramels) paired with cooler colors (cobalt blue, dark teal, and sage green). Aside from the colors, many gorgeous prints and textures have been all over the runways too. Vintage florals, silky satins, and faux leather are among the dominating looks. Can’t forget about all the amazing accessories either.

Wrap Tops & Dresses:

You want to know why we’re excited about wrap tops and dresses being on the rise? First off, they are super simple to throw on. Plus you’re not overthinking outfits because the wrap details are what stands out. No need to over accessorize. It doesn't hurt to have your waist accentuated as well. Am I right?!

Stay up to fashion without blowing your budget. Shop these looks in-store and online, all $45 or under. We want to see your back to school outfits. Tag us in your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured on our Copper Cutie shout out every Sunday!