If you want to break your habits and change your life then you’re going to have to change your mindset. Maybe you want to wake up earlier, stop procrastinating, or to go to bed earlier. But you want to be better; you want to be your best self. The thing about changing your life is that you have to see beyond just your life to be able to change it. Before you can change your habits you have to change your perception of the world around you. You have to believe that it is even possible for you to change.

“If you want a different reality, you’re going to have to be unrealistic.” 

- Sam Laura Brown

To change your life, you have to look past the way things are going in your life currently and see yourself in an entire new life all together. You have to allow your success to be limitless and the way to allow this is by changing your mindset.

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What would you choose for yourself if you weren’t tied down by your envision of what you cannot accomplish? We have this idea that we should be realistic. When did we start thinking this? Was it when we were in a group with our friends in middle school and they told us that we weren’t going to accomplish our dreams? When did we go from people telling us that we can be anything we want to be, to being told that we should start being realistic?

I’ve never heard of a success story from a famous actress, entrepreneur, or musician that didn’t start with a dream that was “unrealistic” to other people and there’s a reason for that. If we believe that we cannot accomplish something and we put ourselves in a box or mold, then we are confined by that box and we cannot succeed past that box. But if we think limitlessly, we allow ourselves the freedom to be as successful as possible. We only accomplish as much as we allow ourselves to.

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There’s something called the “Law of Attraction”, which basically means that we attract what we exude. Have you ever noticed that when you think about yellow cars, you’re more likely to spot yellow cars? Or that if you think of the number 11, you’re more likely to notice that number? We attract what we want to find and if we believe that we are only capable of certain things, we will only accomplish those things. But if we allow ourselves to dream and believe that we are capable of wonderful things, we are allowing positivity to enter our lives more freely.

Sure, believing in something alone won’t make it happen without work and passion, but if you don’t allow yourself to believe then it will never even have a chance. So the next time you’re listening to a song in the car and you feel like you’re in a music video, let yourself. Let yourself dance in front of the mirror and imagine what you’re future album cover art will be. Allow yourself to dream.

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However, we don’t just need to have a limitless mind set about the future but about our everyday lives as well. The greatest treasure is for us to learn to love where we are right now in our lives while also having hope for the future. While allowing yourself to think limitlessly about your future, learn to love the now. Learn to take compliments from others and allow yourself to chase opportunities you are given even if you are uncertain of the outcome.

One reason we believe we should be realistic is because we are afraid of failure. We are afraid of not being able to accomplish what we want so we never even try and allow our own anxieties to create limits for us. But that’s the thing, we should stop fearing “what could go wrong” and embrace the thrill of the unknown. Allow yourself to hope, to dream of magical things and to believe you can accomplish them because you are wildly capable. 

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