Posted by Kat Presley on on Jan 21st 2019

The first couple of dates in a new relationship can be tough. What should you guys do? Where should you go? What should you wear? Here are a couple of first date do’s and don’ts to help you out! And if you’re looking for that perfect first date outfit, you know The Copper Closet will hook you up, girl.

Teal Romper

Do: Go to dinner or even better, get drinks!

Going to dinner for a first or second date is a tried and true standby for a reason – it gives you an opportunity to chat and learn about your date while giving you something to do with your hands! If you sat at an empty table with a stranger, the conversation would probably lag and become awkward at some point. If you’re eating, you have something else to focus on, helping to fill potentially awkward silences and give you time to think of what to say next! It can also be a conversation piece – have you ever eaten here before? What’s your favorite thing on the menu? You love spicy food? Me, too! That reminds me of this one time… Plus, if you get there early like I do to avoid that awkward moment of walking into the restaurant and having to search around for your date, you can order an appetizer to keep yourself occupied and calm your nerves.

Even better than going to dinner is going to get a drink (if you’re of age, obvi), especially if it’s a Bumble or Tinder date! Drinks don’t last as long as dinner, so if you get there and your date is a dud or doesn’t look quite as much like Liam Hemsworth as his pictures suggested, you’re only expected to hang out for a little while and then you can make up an excuse and leave, no hard feelings. If the date is going well, you can always order another drink, play a game, or suggest you go grab a bite to eat!

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Don’t: Go to the movies for a first or second date.

The movies may seem like a good date idea, but not until the third date or after. Why? Because you can’t get to know the person if you’re sitting quietly in a theater for two hours! The first and second dates should be about feeling your date out, seeing if they are interesting or funny or if their ideas of a good time line up with yours! You don’t learn anything about a person by going to see Will Ferrell on the big screen except that they may or may not like the same movies as you. First and second dates should give you an opportunity for conversation.

However, by the third date, a movie is a fun idea! At that point you’ve talked enough to know you’re interested in them, and a movie can be an easy way to spend a little more time together and just get comfortable being around each other. Plus, it can show you more about their sense of humor or you can see something a little scarier and hold onto their arm the whole time. If the movie goes well, you can always extend the date by going to get ice cream or playing the arcade games at the theater!

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Do: Go mini golfing!

You’re thinking, “Ok, Kat, we went for drinks on our first date and you’re saying we can’t go to the movies on our second. What else should we do, smarty pants?” Go mini golfing! Doing something active that still allows you to carry on a conversation and get to know the person is a perfect second date option. Plus, it allows you to get a little competitive! Place a bet - if you win, you get to pick the movie you see on your third date; if they win, they get to pick! Friendly competition is a super easy way to flirt and be flirted with, plus it can tell you a lot about someone’s personality – are they a sore loser? Are they impatient and get frustrated easily? Or do they dance around and sing along with the music over the loud speakers and let you putt first?

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Do: Look cute! But don’t: Wear uncomfortable clothes.

Obvi, when you’re going on a date, you want to look your best! You want to feel cute and confident but don’t do it at the expense of being comfortable. If you’re wearing shoes that you can’t walk in to play mini golf, or a dress that you can’t sit in to dinner, you’re going to spend more time focusing on how uncomfortable you are than on getting to know your date, and they’ll be able to tell! Constantly tugging at your clothes or wobbling in your shoes isn’t cute, girl. Wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself, makes you feel confident, and lets you be comfortable is definitely the way to go. And you know The Copper Closet always has you covered if you need a new outfit!