​How to Level Up Your Jewelry Game

So you spent hours trying on different outfits and finally picked out the perfect clothing pieces to wear, but it still feels like something is missing. Does this sound like you? Then you’re probably in need of some new jewelry! Jewelry can really elevate your look and add the finishing touches to your fit. Layering your necklaces is the perfect place to start and we’re here to show you how.

Choker Obsessed

First, we’ll decide on a color- silver or gold, but honestly if you want to mix metals then go for it girl! The choker to be the first layer in your ensemble. A choker is a shorter-length necklace so this will be worn at the top of your neck. Now, this isn’t your basic black choker from the ’90s, it’s 2022 and there are so many different options to choose from now. If you prefer a more minimalist style, go for a plain chain. If you want to add some movement and life to your look, a choker with some cute dangling charms would be perfect!

(Products featured L-R: Silver Twist Chain Choker, Gold Diamond Star Choker, Black Butterfly Choker Necklace)

Front and Center

The next piece we’ll need will be front and center in the middle of our layered stack. A charm necklace with a medium-length chain is perfect for this. Again, you can go for silver or gold. Silver compliments people with cool skin tones and people with warm undertones tend to find gold more flattering. This is the everyday necklace that you’ll build the rest of the stack around. Whatever your vibe is, pick your favorite charm and rock it! Some of our faves have cactuses, moons, shells, and suns.

(Products featured L-R: Cactus Charm Necklace, Silver Sun Charm Necklace, Birth Year Rhinestone Charm Necklace)

Star of the Show

Finally, we’ll add a pendant necklace. This will be your longest necklace and will be at the bottom of your stack so there is room for a larger pendant here. Choose something that will tie the whole look together!

(Products featured L-R: Gold Booty Neckla$$, Amethyst Moon Necklace, Gold Marble Bar Necklace)

Time for a Hack!

Do your necklaces always get tangled? Or do you struggle to make them to proper length? We got you!

  1. First, unclasp both of your necklaces
  2. Then hook them to each other- so the clasp of necklace 1 connects to the end of the necklace 2
  3. Repeat this for the clasp of necklace 2 to necklace 1

And you’re done! Your 2 necklaces should be attached now so you can now easily adjust the lengths of your necklaces at the same time without them getting all tangled!

Want an easier option? The Copper Closet also has a variety of pre-layered necklaces that are super cute. Whatever your style is, we have the jewelry to match!

(Products featured L-R: Beaded Daisy Layered Necklace, Cactus Layered Necklace, Star and Moon Layered Necklace)

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