Influencer Spotlight: @Jenna_Babs Style

@Jenna_Babs is a social media influencer who is best known for her sense of fashion, love of adventures and great personality. Jenna is very transparent and open on social media platforms with daily beauty and fashion tips. The Copper Closet got a unique opportunity to collaborate with this influencer and gain an insight into her personal ideas and brand. Jenna stays up to date on current trends as well as future trends, dresses for the occasion always and most of all shared what she loves most about The Copper Closet!

Personal Fashionista

Jenna is always ready to be seen by the masses even while kickin it casually. Jenna likes to try on her outfits and know what she is doing day by day to plan out her outfits accordingly and be organized with her outfits, especially when it comes to packing for trips. Personally, she feels most confident in clothes when she is most put together and for this to be the case, her entire closet is color coordinated which makes it very easy to navigate and pick the vibe for that day. There is never a mini dress or romper moment with some heels that Jenna doesn’t feel her best self.


Fashion trends are constantly changing so I wanted Jenna’s input on how to stay up to date with the constant ‘new’ or ‘next big thing’. Pinterest and fashion bloggers are the go-to. Jenna stays on trend but also reasonable with what is true to her own style and being her own person. One common tip to not throw out the window is to try not to splurge on trends that will go out of style quickly and are just a facade. When asking Jenna about seasons, the heart strings were pulled and winter and fall have a soft spot in there. That high knee boot, chunky sweaters and scarf combination is one that will never get old. Especially since Jenna lives in Florida, dressing for the cold is a great change every once in a while.

Jenna’s Copper Cutie Favorites

The Copper Closet is a go to boutique for Jenna to find cute outfits for a spontaneous night out or a planned vacation. One of our top new dresses is a big hit for Jenna. She is loving the drawstring bodycon dress. Especially styled with new jewelry and a statement purse. The baby doll tee, which is available in many colors is also a great piece since it is perfect to dress up or dress it down. Jenna could layer this in a fun manner with a jacket for a trip to the North or for the future winter season. There are many new arrivals Jenna got to model, check them out on our Jenna Babs collab tab on our website!

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