Morning routines are the key to having a day that feels productive and motivating. Starting off your day with a routine that is healthy and uplifting can change your entire days outlook. Start your day off right by adopting a routine that lends you more creativity and helps make your entire day less stressful. Here are some healthy morning routine ideas you can implement into your everyday schedule.

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Waking Up Earlier

I know, I know. You’ve totally heard this one before but hear me out. Waking up early has so many benefits, yes even on the weekend. Waking up earlier eliminates you from having to rush out of the house in the morning while searching for your keys with only one shoe on. When you wake up earlier, it gives you time to chill out and take your time picking out a cute outfit and actually find that matching sock.

Try Some Morning Yoga!

Yoga is great for you because it stretches your muscles and allows your body to loosen up. Morning yoga also jumpstarts your digestive system so that you can more easily absorb all the good nutrients in your food. Along with helping your digestive system, morning yoga can also help clear your mind by increasing endorphins which are the feel good hormones that you get when your workout. Endorphins make you feel great and jump starting them early in the day can be great because they will carry with you through the rest of your day and help you start your day on the “right side of the bed”.

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Make Your Bed Everyday

I know you might think, “Why do I need to make my bed if I’m just going to mess it up again tonight?” Well there are actually some really great benefits to making your bed everyday. When you keep your bed tidy, it will inspire you to keep the rest of your room more tidy in return. You’ll know subconsciously that you can’t have a clean bed and a messy room. Making your bed leads to better productivity throughout the day because it starts your day off with something productive and habitual.

Do a Short Sweat Sesh

Try doing a short exercise routine in the morning because it increases your energy in the morning similarly to coffee. Exercise is always good for you but it can increase your endorphins just in the same way that yoga in the morning can which is amazing for your mood! There's so many resources on Pinterest that are made for every ability no matter your access to the gym.

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Listen to Music

Music in the morning can help jumpstart creative thoughts. In fact, there is research that you might be most creative in the morning. Spotify is full of great playlists like "Wake Up Happy" and "Have a Great Day" to help you ease into your day with uplifting music. 

Do Your Math Homework

Ok, this one is an odd one but there is research that shows that students are more likely to do well in math classes when they’re in the morning so try waking up a bit earlier to get that calculus homework done or schedule an early math class! Not in school? Try downloading an app that requires you to do math before it turns the alarm off.