Turnin’ Up The Heat with Summer Accessories

Feeling confident and stylish in the summer is a must. For some, it is the most exciting time of year filled with vacations, beach trips, breaks from school or work and the bloom of new friendships or relationships. What better way to do so than dressing up your everyday looks with interesting jewelry and accessories. Whether it is purses, choker necklaces or sunglasses we got you! There are so many ways to style and wear these pieces that will be sure to make a statement this season.

More than a Purse

Don’t get me wrong, carrying a massive bag full of nonsense can get a bit overwhelming. That is why we have some more organized and on trend style purse options. The woven crescent crossbody bag is a big hit! The neutral tones are guaranteed to go with any outfit and it's perfect for a weekend dress up moment or even a quick trip to the mall that turns into a shopping spree, you know we all love those. Speaking of shopping sprees, what’s better than one purse is two. The clear gold studded crossbody bag is a need not a want. The details of the gold studs are a very elegant look while also being simple enough for day to day life. There's nothing wrong with a little spice in the accessories. Purses are sure to make or break any outfit and the variety of purses we have are something to check out for sure.

That Summer Choker Glow

The reputation in the name choker is screaming 2010 vibes but trust me it’s a new brand and an essential in your jewelry box. The butterfly charm choker is giving me all the summer vibes. The accents of the blue and pink butterflies are so positive and light while also a pop of gold pendants exemplify the goal of a unified charm. This necklace is perfect for a bathing suit boat day or to dress up a tank and shorts look. Now I know a lot of people have a necklace they never take off but these chokers are perfect for layering so you can have the best of both worlds! The quartz choker necklace is guaranteed to give you the perfect day to day neck glow. The gold band with smaller pendants leading up to the stone is the dynamic duo. I can definitely see this necklace being worn for Father’s Day brunch or with our new arrival comfy lounge sets. Chokers are ideal for spicing up an outfit while not taking away from the clothes, and of course your beauty.

Sunglasses are for the Girls

You can never have too many sunnies. That's what I thought until I saw the variety of unique sunglasses, I think you actually can. Let me tell you about the white and gold art deco sunglasses. The white circular shape combined with gold metal emphasis sure is something special. This summer sun is nothing to mess around with and a new pair of fun sunglasses are the perfect solution. Now when you are spending Saturdays with the girls, sunglasses, whether on your head or wearing them are sure to start a conversation. Especially our periwinkle oversized heart sunglasses. These are the ultimate friend gifts. If you have a bachelor party or birthday party coming up, check out these pink heart sunglasses to show your bestie all the love! Sunglasses are never going out of style, just getting better and better.

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