Franchise Investment

How Much Will A Franchise Cost?
The Franchise fees listed are approximate costs and may be more or less than listed due to discounts, landlords covering build out costs, and your ability to get handy!

Franchise Fee Paid in full $30,000
Fee for using our brand name and trade secrets if paid infull at the time of agreement signing.

Franchise Fee if deferring payments $35,000
Fee for using our brand name and trade secrets if paid over theCourse of 1 year in equal payments. $5,000 is due at signing of lease agreement.

Senior Executive Fees $0
This is a fee that all Franchisors usually have that would range between $54,000-$100,000 to employee a specific person for 6 months to oversee the Franchisee operations from construction through the first 3 months of business. This is something that we waive because we oversee the job ourselves to make sure everything is done in accordance & our franchisees can keep costs low.

Store Merchandise Cost $30,000 - $50,000
This fee is used to buy merchandise to fill the store. Smaller stores 1,500 sqft or less usually only need $30,000, stores 1,500-2,000sqft need approximately $40,000 & stores over 3,000 sqft will need about $50,000 in merchandise. All merchandise is to be approved by the Franchisor & all Jewelry is to be purchased through the Franchisor. 
Interior Decor Package - $4,000- $7,000This fee is including but not limited to display tables, clothing racks, shelving, mannequins, and interior decorations. The cost varies depending upon the size of the store and the type of decor package chosen. 

Build Out Fee $5,000 - $50,000
Approximate build out fee depends on many variables including but not limited to condition of store, contractors fees, and whether the landlord will reimburse the tenant for improvements. Many malls will reimburse construction costs or do the work themselves and money can be recouped after the appropriate paperwork is filed. We also include register hardware and speakers in this category.

Royalty Fee 8%
Our royalty fee is the monthly fee that we collect of gross sales. This fee includes a 1% advertising fee that we use to advertise The Copper Closet in your area. This is collected monthly based on the prior months sales.

FEE TOTALS: $44,000 - $137,000
Competitor Fees
Our mission is to provide women with an affordable franchise option so that we can encourage more women to be self sufficient business owners. We attribute our success with the fact that our start up cost is very low so that we have not incurred debt on our journey of opening first 10 stores in 3 years with little to no revolving debt. We're not afraid to share other franchises cost because we don't have anything to fear, we know what we have to offer and our cost is at a fraction of theirs.