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Why Choose Copper?

Boutiques are notorious for being super expensive and exclusive, only catering to one kind of customer. We started The Copper Closet to offer affordable boutique shopping with a little something for everyone! Now we want to offer you an affordable opportunity into the fashion business with a chance to be your own boss without breaking the bank. The Copper Closet is currently the most affordable boutique franchise opportunity in the industry. No surprises, no unnecessary up-charges, & the option to pay as you go.


What is my investment?

Here is where we blow your mind. Other boutique franchises cost at minimum $120k to $450k which is out of reach for a lot of budding entrepreneurs. Our owner started the first Copper Closet on a salary of 30k a year so we know how to budget! We offer the option for the initial franchise fee to be paid over the course of your first year of business. In this case you can own your very own Copper Closet for as little as $44k, which will cover the merchandise to fill the store, decorations, equipment, and renovations. Thats 63% less than any other franchise opportunity currently on the market. Check out our competitors fees VS our fees HERE.


I'm Interested! What are my next steps?

Lets chat! We want to get to know you. Fill out the form below and we'll reach out to schedule a call.